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Body treatmentsMassages

"To many, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. To others, it lies in magical hands". Trust in our magical hands here at Hotel Rauter: an activating sports massage after an exhausting hiking day, a relaxing massage, or even a physiotherapeutic treatment. You can choose a treatment tailored to your needs. Take time to rest, relax, and breathe in the aroma of larch. The perfect place for this is in our spacious relaxation room made of light larch wood. Here, you will find absolute peace and quiet so your mind can wander.


Our treatments

For an appointment please contact the reception desk.

Anti-stress massage

The classic massage • 45 min • € 59,-
Give your body the attention it deserves. With gentle movements, energy will be released resulting in a feeling of absolute well-being.

Shoulder and neck massage

30 min • € 42,-
Neck and shoulder muscles are subjected to heavy strain, and the bladder meridian runs through this area. Therefore, alleviation of muscle tension in this area is especially important.

Foot reflexology massage

30 min • € 42,-
Our feet are a reflection of all internal organs. With the stimulation of specific points on the soles of the feet, the respective organs will be reflexively influenced. Relaxing with a regulative and balancing effect - a benefit for the whole body.  

Mountain herb massage

40 min • € 59,-
Back and legs will be massaged with mountain herb massage oil, and mountain herbs will then be rubbed on the skin for revitalization.

Honey massage

With East Tyrolean honey  • 45 min • € 72,-
With special techniques, toxins and waste will be removed from the body with the help of honey. The following massage with warm lavender oil results in a calming, deeply relaxing effect. 

Time-out at Hotel Rauter

An hour of pure relaxation • 60 min • € 76,-
A wellness massage for back and legs followed by a head massage promotes deep relaxation and will allow you to quickly forget everyday stress.

Herbal stamp massage

Velvety soft • 50 min • € 85,-
The herbal stamp massage combines all the benefits of a massage. With a perfect combination of warmth, massage, and the aromas of herbs, tension is released, detoxification is stimulated, and the skin is moisturized. With the pleasant peeling effect, your skin will feel velvety soft. 

Make an appointment now

If you are interested in a mountain herb massage, honey massage, "time-out" at Hotel Rauter, or an herbal stamp massage, please notify our team at the reception desk at least one day in advance.

+43 4875 6611