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Fishing Waters

We hope you enjoy your fly fishing excursion in the waters of East Tyrol!

Our own fishing area stretches out over 40 km and is exclusively available to guests at Hotel Rauter. Experience the original and authentic nature of East Tyrol.

We have made great arrangements for your perfect fly fishing vacation: weekly offers including fishing license as well as courses and introductions to this wonderful nature experience.

Tauernbach and Iselbach - A new adventure every day

At Hotel Rauter, we offer our guests the exclusive advantage of our own private fishing area. Our waters extend over 35 km of river and offer fishing fans numerous opportunities to catch a big one. 

Whether an experienced fly fisher or a novice - variable conditions and a large fish population create the optimal circumstances for all fly fishers. 


(18 km from Innergschlöß to the confluence of the Isel in Matrei including all tributaries and artificial channels)

The Tauernbach is a natural mountain stream with excellent water quality and an outstanding brook trout population as well as many char and a few rainbow trout. Shorter leaders and larger flies are favorable. 


This area, with one of the most beautiful high valleys in the Eastern Alps, is located in the Hohe Tauern National Park. It is reachable only by foot or horse-drawn carriage from the Matreier Tauernhaus. This area includes high alpine trout fishing, rapid water, and deep water levels but also clear, clean channels at the Venedigerhaus and not to mention, Austria's highest mountain.

Wohlgemut-Alm, Matreier Tauernhaus:

Easily accessible, excellent brook trout population in the area from the Wohlgemut-Alm to the Schild-Alm, home of the char; the drainage channel brings continuous clear water to the Rauteralm, which is also a hideout for larger fish.


An increasingly clear mountain stream in the high-altitude Landecktal - access to the Landeck-Alm is possible - a charming excursion to the original home of the brook trout.


Between Gruben and the TAL pumping station: parking at the small artificial pond - good practice area - completely natural and untouched upstream to Gruben - for experienced hikers - rarely fished


From the confluence of the Landeckbach out of the valley to Berg/Gruben - exit from the Felbertauernstraße. Classic brook trout fishing area with very good trout population, deep water levels, large stones, and small eddies, especially in the area of the confluence of the Landeckbach - easily accessible. From the Raneburg-Alm out of the valley to Gruben, a good level of physical fitness is required, difficult hiking area, rarely fished area with large brook trout.


Small trout population at the mouth of the river, last parking opportunity in Gruben.

Prossegg Gorge:

Between the "Prosseggbrücke" bridge and TAL pumping station, fast white water with deep water levels, rarely fished, difficult to reach, only for experienced hikers, a unique nature experience.

Prosseggbrücke bridge-Hinterau:

Down the valley to the confluence of the Isel - the classic dry fly area with quiet backwaters, great fishing even during glacial melting.

Little Isel "Virgen"

(4.7 km from the confluence of the Mellitzbach to the Welzelach gorge including all tributaries and artificial channels)

Easily reachable by car - parking at the bridges - easily accessible on both banks. The Welzelach gorge is only accessible at low time - but it is a true Eldorado for fly fishers with large rainbow and brook trout populations. 

Big Isel "Matrei-Huben"

(9 km from the confluence of the Isel-Tauernbach to the mouth of the Defreggenbach (Schwarzach) including all tributaries and artificial channels)


Downstream from the the "Bichlbrücke" bridge, quiet backwaters, broad course, lush vegetation, abundant food supply. Population of grayling and rainbow trout. Accessible from the right and left side.

Aquarium - Feldbrücke bridge:

Vis-a-vis from the Brühlhaus, the old toll station on the main road - a quiet pool, alternating faster and quieter sections of river to the "Feldbrücke" bridge.


Quickly flowing water with many "holes", low water level, large stones, and many small backwaters. A very sporty fishing area. Grayling and rainbow trout up to 1 km are not uncommon. Take the small road to the left of the river bank.

Moos-Huben-Schwarzach confluence:

Grayling, along the concrete wall through Huben and downstream to the confluence of the Schwarzach.

Big Isel "Kienburg"

Grayling, rainbow trout, and also occasionally huchen. The Isel becomes wider here with many grayling. The fishery is also especially sensitive here - the fisherman's observation skills are required.

All fishing waters at a glance

Our fishing offers

€ 916,00
01.09.2021 - 31.10.2021

• 7 overnights incl. halfboard

• 6 day fishing license

• 6 x paced lunch