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Impressionen SPAradies
Impressionen SPAradies

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FLY FISHING in East Tyrol
Alpinpark Matrei

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in East Tyrol stands for unlimited experiences of nature in the supreme discipline of fishing. Our private fishing area - exclusively reserved for our hotel guests – provides variety and challenge on approx. 35 km of riversides for passionate fly fishermen as well as beginners. The high alpine terrain in the National Park Hohe Tauern offers excellent fish population, outstanding natural scenery and water in its manifold forms. Whether in raging mountain creeks, in gently rippling streams or in calmer waters – fly fishing in our fishing area is a daily new adventure in and with nature.

We offer weekly arrangements, including fishing permit, courses or introduction into fly fishing, gourmet half-board and, of course, the stylish ambience of our Hotel Rauter. And your “non-fishing” holiday companions can take advantage of our SPAradies.

Specially for anglers, we offer:

  • Fishing permit
  • Fly fishing courses
  • Drying room
  • Sale of flies
  • Fishing tackle

Fishing permit & Specials

  • The fishing permit is available from 9:00 am on the day of arrival and has to be returned by 6:00 pm on the evening prior to departure.
  • If those accompanying you on your holiday do not fish, there is a 50% reduction on the permit price.
  • In case of lost of your fishing permit, a fee of € 275.00 applies.


15.04. - 31.05.2014 1 day / € 55.00 6 days / € 229.00 extra day € 38.00
31.08. - 01.11.2014 1 day / € 55.00 6 days / € 229.00 extra day € 38.00
Annual, one-off fee for statutory membership of the Tyrolean Fishing Association € 25.00


Permitted gear: Fly fishing rod and floating line
Permitted bait: Artificial flies with a hook, no barbed hooks
Wading: Prohibited during the grayling and trout spawning season (mid June – beginning of September)
Catch: The catch remains property of the hotel; 1 fish/fisher and day can be brought and has to be given to the kitchen staff. If you want to eat the fish you have caught, please bring the cleaned fish to the kitchen by 4:30 pm. Cooking or barbecuing the fish at the waterside is not permitted.

Angling seasons and fish sizes:

Char 15.04. - 15.09. 28 cm
Brown trout 15.04. - 15.09. Tauernbach 33 cm / Isel 36 cm
Rainbow trout 15.04. - 01.11. 33 cm
Grayling (male) 15.06. - 15.11. 42 cm
Grayling females are protected all year round.

Our fishing area

Tauernbach and Iselbach – every day a new adventure
We offer our guests at the Hotel Rauter the exclusive benefit of a hotel's own fishing area. Covering a length of approx. 35 km of riversides our fishing area offers many opportunities to go stalking in water. Whether experienced fly fisherman or novice - changing conditions and good fish stock are optimal conditions are for all fly fishermen:

(18 km from Innergschlöß to the mouth of the river Isel in Matrei, including all the tributaries and man-made channels)

The Tauernbach is a natural alpine stream with excellent water quality, outstanding trout population, plenty char and a few rainbow trout. Short leaders and large flies bring best results.

this area is amidst the National Park Hohe Tauern, a high valley with the most beautiful valley-end of the East Alps. It is only accessible by foot or by horse from the „Matreier Tauernhaus“. High alpine trout fishing, fast water, deep levels but also clear, clean channels at the „Venedigerhaus“ and always around: the highest mountains of Austria.

Wohlgemut-Alm, Matreier Tauernhaus:
well accessible, good trout stock in the area of the “Wohlgemut Alm-Alm”, home of the char, the dewatering channel near the “Rauteralm” always brings in clear water – also shelter for larger fish.

an always clear mountain stream in the high-level Landecktal - ascension to Landeck-Alm possible, a delightful trip to the homeland of the brown trout.

from the confluence of the Landeckbach out of the valley to Berg/Gruben - departure from the Felbertauernstraße. Classic brown trout area, very good stock with deep levels, large stones and small resistance waters, particularly in the area of the confluence Landeckbach - good and easily accessible. From the Raneburg Alm out of the valley to Gruben – a good fitness condition is required, difficult to walk, rarely fished area with large brown trouts.

small trout stock at the river mouth, last parking in Gruben

between Gruben and the TAL pumping station: parking at the small artificial pond - good practice site - stream up to Gruben completely natural - for experienced hikers - rarely fished

between Prosseggbrücke und TAL pumping station, fast white water, with deep levels, is rarely fished, difficult to reach, only for experienced hikers, a great nature experience.

out of the valley to the confluence of the Isel – the classic dry fly area with quiet backwaters, well fishable even during the glacier melting period.

Little Isel "Virgen":
(4.7 km from the confluence of Mellitzbach stream to the Welzelach Gorge including all the tributaries and man-made channels)

Easily accessible by car - parking spaces near the bridges - on both sides well and easily accessible. The Welzelach Gorge is only accessible at low tide - but then a true paradise for fly fishermen with strong rainbow and brook trout.

Big Isel „Matrei-Huben“:
(9 km from the Isel-Tauernbach confluence to the mouth of the river Defreggenbach (Schwarzach), including all the tributaries and man-made channels)

from the bridge “Bichlbrücke” downstream, quiet backwater, wide course of river, lush vegetation, large food supply. Grayling and rainbow trout stocks. Left or right side passable.

Aquarium – Feldbrücke:
vis-a-vis the “Brühlhaus” (the old costums house at the main road) – a quiet pool, to the bridge “Feldbrücke” alternating faster and quieter river sections.

fast flowing water with many "holes", little water levels, large stones, fast traits and many small backwaters. A very sporting fishing. Grayling and rainbow trout up to 1 kg are not uncommon. Take the small road next to the shore.

Moos-Huben confluence Schwarzach:
longer grayling traits, along the concrete wall through Huben and downstream to the confluence Schwarzach.

Big Isel „Kienburg“:
Grayling, rainbow trouts and occasionally Danube salmon. The Isel is here broader, with long classic grayling traits. Fishery is here particularly sensitive - the fisherman's power of observation is exceedingly required.